MarkGlenn Harmony is a Creative Artist, Published Author and Professional Photographer.  His artworks, creative expressions and beautiful books have been influenced by his personal life challenges, Indigenous background, Government service, extensive travels both around Australia and overseas.

His ancestrial lineage goes back to the Noongar people from the ‘Kaneange’ country around the Collie region in the SouthWest of Western Australia.

MarkGlenn has formal tertiary qualifications, with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Business majoring in Human Resources Management.

Incredibly, MarkGlenn has already experienced many different lives in the one, having enjoyed a vast variety of occupations and life experiences.

MarkGlenn underwent an exploration of Australian and an exploration of himself following his medical retirement from the Western Australian Police Service.

Working as a Police Officer, exposed him to the harsh realities of what people can do to themselves, others and animals.  This chapter in his life,  lead him on a path to see the ‘beauty in the world’ and capture the ‘magic’ which so many of us have all lost or forgotten to see.

Photographer MarkGlenn Harmony embarked upon a journey around Australia that afforded him the opportunity to experience the splendor of the outback and photograph the diverse fauna and flora that is uniquely Australian. “The exploration of our beautiful country I commenced with my little canine companion ended up becoming a personal journey and exploration of my soul. I was so fortunate to see the most amazing sights and meet the most remarkable people.  It was a “humbling and yet exhilerating experience that elevated my spirit and imprinted upon me a greater appreciation for nature and mother earth“ said MarkGlenn.

MarkGlenn had always hoped to share his images and journey with others but it was only following his ’2011 expedition’ throughout seven European/Asian countries that he returned home to Australia with a newly ignited passion to share his beautiful images and affirmations.   “We are so blessed to have the life style and freedom that we experience and it is my hope that ‘Affirmation of Life’ makes people realise how much beauty exists around us each and every day” stated MarkGlenn. It is his hope that reading the positive words and viewing the inspirational images in the book will allow people to pursue their own personal exploration and life journey.