‘Positively Beautiful, Affirming
and Uplifting Books’


Inspiration for Life: Images and Affirmations Celebrating Life follows on from the success of my first book ‘Affirmation of Life’ and is all about the ‘Celebration of Life’ through beautiful photographs and uplifting affirmations, thoughts and poems.

Life is a remarkable journey of exploration, filled with incredible challenges and opportunities, both positive and negative, often bringing great change and upheaval along the way.  It is a journey we have been fortunate enough to traverse, taking us on a path of great awareness and personal self discovery.

​I have been fortunate enough to capture the most amazing photographs from around the world and have combined them with positive uplifting inspirational verses that relate directly to the image but also resonate with you and your own personal life journey.

May my words and images remind you that we are surrounded by such incredible beauty, whether man-made or a creation of ‘Mother Nature’, this wondrous beauty should captivate our attention and raise our awareness of the immense positive energy that connects us all on this glorious planet.

Please allow me to show you the ‘Magic of Life’ through my camera lense and raise your appreciation of the positive energy that connects us all on this amazing planet.  May this deep connectivity of our surroundings lead you to commence a new and incredible journey of your inner self and your external world; affording you to reap the greatest rewards that Life, Love and Longevity offers.




Affirmation of Life: Inspirational Images and Affirmations  
is my first book of ‘Love’ achieved after travelling Australian with my
companion dog ‘Sashah’, for whom I dedicated this beautiful book too,
for her unconditional love and loyalty.​

I was incredibly blessed to experience such a life changing journey which took me around Australia and this remarkable adventure allowed me to experience the beauty and wonder of my great lands, whilst developing an awareness of my own  purpose in life and empowering my Spirit.

I have been fortunate enough to photograph the most remarkable places, people and animals which has reignited my belief and faith in the world
in which we live.

Each amazing photograph contained within my beautiful book has a corresponding Affirmation that is pertinent to the image but also highly relevant to the readers own remarkable Life experiences.

My book is a daily affirmation and confirmation of our connectivity to the land, animals and one another.   It is my hope that these inspirational images and uplifting messages will captivate your imagination, elevate your spirit and put a smile on your face.

May the words and images within my book resonate with your own personal journey and encourage you to Live Life to the fullest and appreciate the ‘Wonder and Magic’ that surrounds you, each and every day.

Please enjoy and remember to
Shine, Radiate and Show your True Colours.